How to set up Hotmail on iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch with POP3


  1. I hope you can help. I just got my ipad. I want to use my Hotmail account on my ipad. I spent several hours the first day figuring the right settings. When I delete messages from the iPad, I don’t want the messages to be deleted from my computer. And vice versa, when I delete messages from the computer, I don’t want them deleted from the iPad. To accomplish this, I have to configure under “other”. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Hotmail will not let me keep the messages in both places. But now I’m trying to get my Hotmail contacts into the my Hotmail ipad settings. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Hotmail, will bring them in automatically. But not “other”. Can you help?

  2. From your Computer, goto or , sign-in with your Mail ID and click on Gear icon on top right> More Mail settings >POP and deleting downloaded messages .
    And on computer (I presume using Windows) are you using any EMail client like Outlook or Windows mail , part of Windows Essentials? If not you can use that , it’ll store all your mail and will be available offline too.

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