Set Google Now reminders using Voice or Text

Google Now service gives real-time information about the weather, traffic in your area and more. You can add reminders to the service by using your voice or entering it manually. These reminders once configured, recur or pop up at pre-set time.

Google Now silently runs in the background, and all the information added in the form of reminders gets organized into simple cards that appear just when they’re needed. This helps you spend less time digging, search what you are looking for and spend more time working. The reminders are placed somewhere in between alarms and calendar events.

Set Google Now reminders

To add a reminder manually (typing), launch Google Now and scroll to the bottom where you’ll find the menu icon.

Set Google Now reminders

Tap the icon. Select “Set Reminder” from the list of options and enter a title for your reminder.

remind me to

Select the alert trigger (time or location).

reminder date

For adding a location to your reminders in Google Now. – just say the name of the store instead of the address. Google Now will find the closest location and use it as a trigger for the reminder. Pretty amazing!! This comes handy especially when you need to be reminded to grab a copy of your News Daily from a store nearby.

To create a reminder by voice, launch Google Now and say “Google”.

You should hear a beep sound, prompting the service is ready to listen

Start the command with “Remind Me”, followed by the statement or thing you would like to be reminded of.

remind by typing

Next, specify the time or location for when Google Now should serve a reminder to you. You can mention a time frame, such as afternoon or evening.

Then, tap on the “Set Reminder” bar to save the reminder to your account.

save reminder

You can edit the reminder, if some changes are required to be made.

edit reminders

Before saving the reminder to your account, you will observe Google Now will present a card to you populated with the information you requested, verify if it’s correct and the hit the ‘Set Reminder’ button.


Hope you find this useful!

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