How to Set or Change Password in Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

Password is the first and foremost step when it comes to security of any device, locker or anything else. Password protection for a mobile device more important than anything else because there is always a fear of losing it at anytime and since smartphones are more then just a talking device, it holds more information about you. So, if you want to secure your Windows Phone 7.5 device, you must follow the steps described below and change or set a new password easily.

To set or change password in Windows Phone 7

1. Go to Start Screen, brush left to the App list, and then tap Settings and look for Lock + wallpaper, tap it to open.

2. Next you need to follow any of these two steps:

  • In case if you are setting up a password, then first you need to turn on Password, enter your new password in the New password text box, and then once again type the password in the Confirm password text box.
  • Now, if you need to change the password that you have already set in your phone, tap Change password, and then enter your phone’s current password in the Current Password Text box before giving your new password.

3. Tap Done to save your current settings.

Now whenever you will try to access your phone, it will prompt you to provide password on lock screen.

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  1. omesh

    how to crack my windows phone password ,as i have forgot my password

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