How to use SET ASIDE feature in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge has become one of the best web browsers over the past couple of months, mainly because of fast browsing speed, minimalist user interface, and some essential features. A new feature has been included in the Edge’s arsenal with the Windows 10 Creators Update v1703. This feature is called Set Aside. As the name defines, you can put an individual tab in a different place so that you can browse the internet in another tab without any distraction. This article will let you know how to use Set Aside feature in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 v1703.

SET ASIDE feature in Microsoft Edge

Sometimes we need to open a lot of tabs to read or research on something. Those, who can handle all those tabs, are fine. But, a vast majority of people cannot handle so many open tabs at a time. It takes time to find a tab and close it to open another new tab.

After updating your Windows 10 machine to v1703, if you open Microsoft Edge, you will find two new buttons on the top left corner. These two buttons are necessary to use the Set Aside feature in Microsoft Edge. In other words, Set Aside feature is such a function, that allows users to place an individual tab in a place and restore that whenever needed. The two buttons are:

  • Tabs you have set side
  • Set these tabs aside.

To put a tab in the “SET ASIDE” window, you need to click on the right-side button that says Set these tabs aside.

SET ASIDE feature in Microsoft Edge

After clicking, all the opened tabs in that particular window will be saved on the left-hand side in Microsoft Edge or the SET ASIDE panel. You can find all the tabs by clicking the other button that says Tabs you’ve set aside.

How to use SET ASIDE feature in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10

If you want to check that tab again, hit the Restore tabs button. If you want to click that tab without opening, you need to click on the cross sign. Also, you can share a particular tab or add a tab to your Favorites right from that same panel.

Considering everything, the SET ASIDE feature seems to a useful functionality in Microsoft Edge.

Let us know what you think of this new feature in Microsoft Edge browser.

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