Send large files without limits with Infinit for Windows

Sending large files over the web to friends and family just got easier with a new Windows freeware called Infinit. No longer should Internet users contend with mediocre file-sharing services on the web when this tool does the job so well. There’s no limit to size or amount of data one can share.

Infinit is the newest peer-to-peer file sharing app that only wants to give users the best and most reliable way to share large files with family and friends. The big question is, though, does Infinit lives up to what it sets out to do, or is it just another failed attempt.

Infinit for Windows

Infinit for Windows

First out, we should point out that Infinit is a free download, and there are no hidden fees. We can’t say for how long it will be free for, but for now, it is, and folks should take advantage of what Infinit brings to the table sooner rather than later.

When it comes down to usability, Infinit is easy to use in every sense of the word. Even the most novice of users will understand what to do and how to send files to their families and friends. The user interface is slick and non-obtrusive, and that is something we’ve come to love. Furthermore, users can send files to those who do not have Infinite installed on their system.

Simply send the file via email, or share the download URL.

Send large files without size limits over the web

There’s no limit to the amount of data one can share, nor is there a limit to the size. If someone wants to send a 500GB file to a friend, it is completely possible with Infinit. Bear in mind that the app supports all file types from MP3s, Word documents to whatever else that is available.

Persons receiving a file can preview it without committing to downloading the whole file. For example, they can preview the quality of a video or MP3 to find out if it is worth downloading or not.

Infinit also supports auto-resume, so if there should be an issue with the user’s Internet connection, the download will auto-resume as soon as the system comes back online. This is a huge convenience that allows users to perform other tasks without having to worry about the file that is being downloaded.

We’ve said a lot of good things about Infinit, but it is now time to get down to talk about the bad things or the single bad thing.

The one bad thing about Infinit is that it lacks advanced options for the power user. Everything is just too simplified, and while that might be great for some, it is not for the power user. For example, users are not able to choose their own file path, and we have to wonder why this was not allowed.

At the end of the day, Infinit is great for what it is, a more than sufficient enough peer-to-peer file transfer app.

Interested folks can download Infinit from the official website.

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  1. Vince Thor

    If you check Infinit’s Pricing Plans (, here, Links Expiration is not happening, no Date set & No Password Protected Links.
    But, in “Just Beam It” (, Links Created by Users to share, do Expire after one Download, the only downside I find with “Just Beam It”, does asks for Multiple File Uploads & Downloads by creating a Zip, this never really works for me, I have to upload & download one File at one time, so, there are multiple expirable links created & Large Data can never be sent.

  2. Matt_Sweeney

    I’m curious if you actually tested the software, or is this another “I liked the press release so I’m writing an article about it that appears as if I’ve actually used the product when I really haven’t I just like getting paid to write” Windows Club Special?

    Because I’ve used it on two different machines and it crashes 10/10 times when you try and open the settings.

  3. Vamien

    This was not happening before. I was going to edit the article to reflect this problem, but decided not to since the issue will likely be fixed in a future update. I must also point out that this review was written weeks ago.

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