Send large files without limits with Infinit for Windows


  1. If you check Infinit’s Pricing Plans (, here, Links Expiration is not happening, no Date set & No Password Protected Links.
    But, in “Just Beam It” (, Links Created by Users to share, do Expire after one Download, the only downside I find with “Just Beam It”, does asks for Multiple File Uploads & Downloads by creating a Zip, this never really works for me, I have to upload & download one File at one time, so, there are multiple expirable links created & Large Data can never be sent.

  2. I’m curious if you actually tested the software, or is this another “I liked the press release so I’m writing an article about it that appears as if I’ve actually used the product when I really haven’t I just like getting paid to write” Windows Club Special?

    Because I’ve used it on two different machines and it crashes 10/10 times when you try and open the settings.

  3. This was not happening before. I was going to edit the article to reflect this problem, but decided not to since the issue will likely be fixed in a future update. I must also point out that this review was written weeks ago.

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