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How to use Skype IM to send Instant Messages

All Skype users, may at some point of time, experienced some problems while engaging in video calling or during an audio call. When you face these problems, the best alternative way is to chat instantly over the call using Skype IM. Yes  – if you face any disturbance in your Skype call, you can use Skype IM instantly and you can resolve out your problem.

Skype IM is already installed with your Skype, so you need not install any third-party software. With Skype IM, you can send Instant messages, files and instant contacts. Your files would be uploaded to Skype Servers and the other person chatting with you can easily download and access that file.

Skype IM features

Some features of Skype IM:

How to use Skye IM

Like other web IM’s Skype is easy to use and operate. To access Skype IM, what you need to do is:

There is lot more in Skype IM and you will love to use it as it is like all other available IMs. With Skype IM you can also group chat.

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