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Send a Smile or Frown to Microsoft for Office

Looks like sending feedback with Microsoft Office is really easy. And whats more, you can send both positive and negative feedback for Office products like Word, Excel, Access etc.

Give feedback about Office to Microsoft

The Send-a-Smile tool installs along with the Office (Technical Preview).  After the installation is complete, you will see the Smile and Frown icons in the taskbar.

Clicking on the Smile or Frown will launch the Send-a-Smile tool. There is also a text box to type your comment, and optionally you can include a picture of your screen and your e-mail address.

Alternatively, type Microsoft send a smile in your Start search. Click it, and you will see 2 types of smilies in the  tray.

The yellow smile is to send a positive feedback and red-orange frown is to send a negative feedback.

And where does the Smile or Frown go after you click submit and see the envelope fly away?

The comment goes into a database at Microsoft.  Based on the comment text, Microsoft automatically group “tag” the comments by team and by feature.  This helps get your comment to the appropriate team as quickly as possible.

An internal website has been created specifically for these comments.  The Office teams use the website to review all the comments “tagged” to their team and features.  While reviewing the comments, the teams have the option to give the comment a status to help categorize and later follow up on specific comments.

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Just in case you are not aware that Microsoft Office 2010 Beta is now available for public download too.