Send A Call From Santa website from Google Voice


  1. Hello little boy. Santa has heard from your good friend that you have been a good bowler and just had a birthday. Santa knows you have been good this year and deserve something. What do you want?

  2. hollo little lady have you been a good lady if you want all your gifts dont drink any wine on dec 24 and when you get up on the 25 you will see all of your big gifts merry christmas

  3. hello deanna, i hear from ur mom uve been a very good girl this year.. besure u go to bed early on dec24th so santa can bring u all ur presents.. hohohooo. merry christmas..

  4. can i speak to rayvon? this is his good friend santa! i want to tell him his mommy and daddy loves him very much. and i want some cookies! ho ho ho merry

  5. Hello Austin, this is Santa. I heard that you have been a good little boy so far this year, is that true? Well I decided to leave you some presents at GiGi’s house. If you are good, I will bring you more presents tomorrow, okay? Tell Mimi and Greg I said hi!

  6. hi santa can you make liam blight love me and can i get a lap lop and moxie girls 3D and 1000 dolers and glow exploshen sand and some other things that you can get me

  7. Hello you guys. I have heardyou have been good this year and even showed some Chrisrmas spirit by Buying for Angel tree people. You will be suprizedon Christmas eve I promise you. Have a Merry Cristmas

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