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How to see and manage saved passwords in Opera

Opera web browser includes a built-in password manager that will save your username, paswword and online forms which may be required for logging into websites. We  have already seen how we can manage Passwords in Internet Explorer using Credentials Manager– and how to manage passwords in Chrome. Now let us see how we can see and manage saved passwords in Opera in Windows.

Manage saved passwords in Opera

To do it, open your Opera web browser and from the Options button in the top-left corner, select Settings. Next click on Privacy & security link from the left panel.

If the Offer to save passwords I enter on the web option is checked, Opera will save all your credentials. To view the passwords, click on Manage saved passwords. You will a list of all your saved passwords. The passwords will be hidden by asterisk marks. To see them, click on the Show link.

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Opera will ask you to enter your Windows login password. This is good security measure added by Opera, recently.

Once you enter it, you will be shown the password.

Here you manage and delete the saved passwords by clicking on ‘x’. When Opera offered to save a password, if you clicked one ‘never’, your password will not be saved and the site will be added to a list of Never saved passwords. You can also remove any URLs you have saved in this list Once you have finished, click on the Done button.

Although Opera saves the passwords in an encrypted form, if you do not wish to use the built-in password manager on Opera, you can check out some desktop password manager or online password managers, to save your passwords.

Firefox users can go here to learn how to manage saved passwords in Firefox.