Security Warning: Foxit 3.3 ‘force-installs’ foistware

Our forum member hackerman1, who had earlier managed to install Windows 7 on a Pentium 2, has posted a very disturbing fact about Foxit pdf reader v 3.3.

UPDATE 15.05.11: Well, when I went on to install Foxit yesterday on my new Dell laptop, it did install toolbar inspite of having opted out during the setup.

He decided to install Foxit 3.3.

“Can Foxit be trusted ? Check screenshot #1, it secretly tries to download a lot of BS … check the list at Threatexpert…


…and it´s running immediately, even before showing any setup-screens. You are also NOT asked for permissions, and NOT told that it´s running ! That really makes you wonder WTH is going on ?

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Fortunately my AV effectively blocked ASK-Installchecker from connecting to internet !”

Read his full report at TWC Forum.

So no matter what is checked, you still end up getting the IAC / ASK search toolbar!

Time to look for other free PDF readers I suppose!


Foxit Corporation takes security and customer privacy seriously and we demand the same from our partners. Foxit and Ask Partner Network (APN) have a partnership which allows millions of PDF users to access our award winning Foxit Reader for free. The Ask Toolbar, bundled with the Foxit Reader, requires user permission prior to install, which is consistent with industry standards for bundled software. The Ask Toolbar complies with strict security standards to ensure customer privacy, but the Toolbar is not required to take full advantage of the Foxit Reader services. APN takes privacy as seriously as Foxit and both companies share a commitment to providing a safe online environment.

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