Security Warning: Foxit 3.3 ‘force-installs’ foistware


  1. AskInstallChecker.exe sends install information to so your FREE Foxit PDF reader can earn some money.

    Don’t block it!

    And btw, Foxit is not the only software that uses AskInstallChecker.exe to earn money.

  2. Oh, and you are not forced to install anything.
    You can untick the Foxit toolbar during installation if you don’t want it.

  3. This is how the Ask partner programme works – it is how checks for valid installs and compensates Foxit for the same. And the screenshot (from the forum) shows the Ask search box within the PDF viewer itself and not in a browser window – so claiming that the toolbar “installs” irrespective of whether the user chooses to or not is a little far fetched. And responsible thing to do would be to ask the company involved for their explanation before jumping to conclusions.

  4. I think you should double check what you are saying. I agree that it should ask you before trying to call home. But I’m not sure whether or not in the end it will install anything if you specifically uncheck the boxes. At least, the fact that “you end up with the toolbar installed anyway” doesn’t seem to be the case. I have Foxit installed and the bar is nowhere to be seen. I couldn’t even find it installed.

    I’m not saying this in support of Foxt, but your posts states things that are probably not true and you seem not to have checked it by yourself (imho).

  5. Problem with other PDF readers besides Adobe is they don’t support all the PDF features like transparency, embedded color profiles etc. The latest version of Foxit still doesn’t show transparent graphics right in my PDFs.

  6. Foxit Corporation takes security and customer privacy seriously and we demand the same from our partners. Foxit and Ask Partner Network (APN) have a partnership which allows millions of PDF users to access our award winning Foxit Reader for free. The Ask Toolbar, bundled with the Foxit Reader, requires user permission prior to install, which is consistent with industry standards for bundled software. The Ask Toolbar complies with strict security standards to ensure customer privacy, but the Toolbar is not required to take full advantage of the Foxit Reader services. APN takes privacy as seriously as Foxit and both companies share a commitment to providing a safe online environment.

  7. When I uncheck all options it did not install any toolbars or change my homepage.

    But it put an eBay shortcut icon on my desktop.

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