Fix: Secure Boot isn’t configured correctly in Windows 10

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  1. Thank you Anand – simple Bios change fixed the problem for me.
    Now I just have to find a way to fix the frequent blue screen “driver_IRQL_not_less_or_equal(netio.sys)” and Win 8.1 will be working properly.
    Bit surprised such problems were not fixed with the beta version?

    Graham (Australia)

  2. Thank you Paul – yes I read that – I’m using Norton 360.
    Must be some driver not happy with 8.1.
    Haven’t found which yet – to do with netio.sys
    DriverMax pointed out a few to update but no sign of netio.

  3. I’ve always got the latest version. Thanks.
    I think I need to find out how to update the ‘netio.sys’ that is mentioned in the driver error message. If it is part of Win it will eventually come right I expect. We just like to have things work properly don’t we?

  4. I would get something like bluescreenview. Install / run it. What does it say is the cause?

    The prob files will be highlighted. Quite possible your wireless/ethernet drivers are crashing netio.sys.

    Even tho netio.sys is crashing, it doesn’t mean it’s the cause of the crash.

    Something is making it crash. Whats the specs of your system?? Look in device manager under network adapters. What’s the name/brand of the network adapters here?

    Or dbl click on the network adapters / then go to the details tab. Change it to hardware id’s. Copy and paste a line in here or in Google. It’ll tell you what the device is (like realtek/atheros etc)

    Drivermax wont find a netio.sys update its a windows file.

    Not a device driver (ie: for a wireless / network adapter).

    You may have to find out what your wireless / ethernet drivers are (like realtek/atheros etc), (depending on which one you’re using when it crashes). Then update the drivers.

  5. That was interesting – will have to wait till it crashes again as no minidump files exist – presumably I’ve been cleaning things too well. (I’ve looked in the file – it’s empty).
    Looks like that bluesreenview program ought to solve the mystery tho. Thank you.
    My ASUS R701VZ was working fine till 8.1 update.
    Adaptors: Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N2230 (driver updated 22/8/13) and Qualcomm Atheros AR8161 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS6.30) (driver 1/4/13)

    Rolling the 1st back may fix it too? Or update the 2nd.

  6. Yup if u use ccleaner it can delete the dmp / memory dump files. You can untick the option under ccleaner / windows. I’ve read on a few sites some Intel wireless drivers are known to crash. Did you update from 8 or do a clean install of 8.1??

    Try these for the wireless*&DownloadType=Software%20Applications

    Looks like theyre dated 21/10/13. They may include the BT drivers are well?

    Altho it says for OEM check the manufacturer’s site (the link below)

    Did you install the wireless drivers from the ASUS site? or are you using the drivers Win 8.1 installed?

    The ASUS drivers seem to be later than 22/8/13 (theyre from 12/10/13)

    Looks like the drivers from the ASUS site may include the wireless and the LAN drivers?? Cant see any LAN drivers on the ASUS site

    For the ethernet / LAN try dbl clicking on the entry in device manager, update it through windowsupdate. See if it picks a later driver up

    If you updated the wireless drivers before, did it crash before if youre asking to roll them back?

  7. I’ve unticked the cleaners (Toolwiz Care also – I’ve tried lots of things lately). Those new ASUS drivers have just appeared for 8.1 – I had been looking there. Thanks again. Went to 8.1 as an update – didn’t lose anything. No previous crashes – just thinking of 8.1 incompatibility – silly really.

    I just opened lots of tabs in 6 browsers as simultaneously as possible TRYING TO CRASH so I can run bluescreenview! It didn’t. Think I’ll wait for a crash before updating drivers. Had plenty of crashes yesterday…..
    Thank you very much for your help Paul – I’m sure we’re close.

  8. Funny thing happened yesterday Anand when I went down those tracks – ended up with a starting loop (from running ‘verify.exe’) – was a bit worrying for awhile! Went into F9, advanced options, startup settings, ‘safe mode’, disabling Norton then turned off ‘auto restart’ – got control again – thank goodness. Good experience though!

  9. Anytime Graham 🙂 There (maybe) entries in event viewer when it crashed. But it may only show netio.sys as the cause.

    If you want, next time it crashes, I could use teamviewer to check it out. Its like remote desktop, but the person at the other end can see what the helper is doing. And you can also xfer / files and chat

    Then we’ll see what bluescreenview brings up (and hopefully) it’ll show the other files that are making netio.sys crash. And then we can go from there. Anyway let me know, and I’ll post my email addy here. Unless you’ve got something like Skype, I’ll add you. To make it easier to communicate

  10. Couple of graphics driver updates via Windows Update yesterday too – the 1.8 wrinckles will gradually be ironed out – early days yet. Plus the makers ones – eg ASUS.

  11. Just thought I’d clean up some startup item before I replied Paul then bingo – it crashed!
    Bluescreen view worked this time:- (top line) =

    103113-56359-01.dmp 31/10/2013 11:41:20 AM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 00000000`00000008 00000000`00000002 00000000`00000000 fffff800`01396909 NETIO.SYS NETIO.SYS+17909 Network I/O Subsystem Microsoft® Windows® Operating System Microsoft Corporation 6.3.9600.16384 (winblue_rtm.130821-1623) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+14dca0 C:WindowsMinidump103113-56359-01.dmp 8 15 9600 293,664 31/10/2013 11:43:36 AM

    Network I/O subsystem to blame apparently. That = the network adaptors? Their drives were just updated by WinUpdate yesterday.
    I’m off to the dientist soon – will have to play later.

  12. netio.sys is a network related file, but its not part of network adapters.

    Are there any other files highlighted in pink? It may show netio.sys as the cause up the top. Look at the bottom see what files are highlighted in pink (or in bold). What network adapter are you using to get online, ethernet or wireless? What startup entries did you delete?

    And WHEN does it usually crash?? With netio.sys if you use something like file sharing programs, it’ll crash too

    If you want zip that dmp file send it to I’ll put it thru BSV here. So I can see what else is installed. Replace at (obviously) with @

  13. Back from the dentist……………….
    I DO have a lot of things installed that I try out so have not been all that worried – have been gradually stopping them – however most don’t start themseves.

    I see things recommended on ‘Giveaway of the day’ & try them out for fun/interest.

    Norton 360 is my main security, I buy that – no other Norton item altho it recently updated to a new version so could have problems. I’d rather leave that on & get rid of the others 1st.

    ‘Toolwiz Care’ only -. ‘Wise Care 365’ is another one. ‘Baido PC Faster’ also – haven’t used it yet but it put itself on the startup – now gone. ‘Iobit Malware Fighter’ has been running.
    I’ll now delete these & see what happens. One of them, or the new Norton version is likely the cause.
    Hope you haven’t been tearing your hair out Paul………………

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