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ScreenFaceCam – A Free Screen Recording Tool with Web Cam Feed

Screen recording can be useful at times, especially when you need to record a how-to video to upload to YouTube and share it with others to show off your skills. There are plenty of applications available for all major operating systems that have the facility of recording screen, but not with webcam feed. That’s where ScreenFaceCam stands apart.

The application comes across as an easy to use screen recording tool with webcam live stream capture support. The application allows you to record part or the whole of your Windows Desktop with or without a Web Cam Image in the Right Hand Corner, in HD video, with sound, up to 1080p. No time limits. No restrictions. No pop ups & no nagging to upgrade!


When you download the application and install it, you are greeted by a blank window. The window displays a menu in the upper left-hand corner of it. The menu bar houses options of the free screen recording tool. For instance, the ‘Cam and Mic’ tab lists all the audio sources and webcam devices attached to your system. You can make an appropriate choice and proceed.

Using ScreenFaceCam you can either record full screen or select screen region of your choice. Simply point your mouse cursor to the ‘recording Size and area’ tab and choose the desired option.

By accessing video quality options under ‘Video quality’ tab, you can modify the video quality and begin the recording session. 4 options are available,

  1. Highest quality
  2. High quality
  3. Medium quality
  4. Low quality

To start the recording session hit the ‘Start and Stop’ tab and choose the ‘Start Recording’ option . When done, select the ‘Stop Recording’ option to stop recording.

ScreenFaceCam drawbacks

Shortfalls aside, ScreenFacecam comes combined with the free Windows Movie Maker software from Microsoft, ideal for creating screen-casts of your windows computer and uploading them to Facebook. Author of the program claims to remove discrepancies, fix bugs and introduce some new features in the next free version of the application to make it better for use.