ScreenFaceCam is a Free Screen Recording Tool with Webcam Feed


  1. Eykes so sorry about no comments Im the fist commenter! theres no downloading….. I still like it!

  2. this is nice but any recommendations on how to get audio from the mic. and the current program your usings audio I need to know I want the sound from the game ?

  3. This Will Be MY 7TH BEST FREE SCREEN RECORDER I THOUGHT THAT THE NAME WAS “ScreenCamera” Until i looked at my bookmarks

  4. I am having the same problem with my laptop. Buy an external mic and it will work. I promise!!!

  5. just unplug ur headphones and use the speaker in your computer. or do i only have a built in mic?

  6. Nice App, thanks for the sharing. I always create screencast with Acethinker Free Screen Recorder, free and works quite well for me. Share it here as an alternative to ScreenFaceCam.

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