The Sbode Bluetooth Portable Speaker works with Windows 10 devices

A computer is more than just a system designed for work, it’s also great for play, and that’s where you’ll need a decent enough speaker system to deliver quality sound when playing music, movies, or even video games. Now, acquiring a speaker system that delivers where quality sound is concerned is usually expensive, but if you look around long enough, you will definitely find a speaker that fits your budget. It won’t give you the best sound, but it should do a good enough job. This is where we’d like you to check out the Sbode Bluetooth Portable Speaker.

Sbode Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Sbode Bluetooth Portable Speaker

What’s great about this speaker is the fact that it’s portable; therefore, it’s a splendid tool for anyone with a Windows 10 device who regularly leaves home. If you’re primarily at home but lacking a speaker system, then the Sbode is still good enough.

We’ve been using the Sbode Bluetooth Speaker for several weeks now, and for the majority of the time, the device is connected to a Windows 10 laptop via an auxiliary (AUX) connection. We would have preferred to use the Bluetooth option to be more wireless, but doing so decreases the quality of the sound.

Maybe the creators did this to save on battery life because this device can go up to six hours on a single charge while in Bluetooth mode. The same can be said when it’s connected using AUX, and yet again, that’s good.

Bass power

What we have here a single speaker with 12W HD stereo sound, and from our weeks of testing, it has failed to disappoint. Now, you can increase the bass by taking advantage of the software your sound card offers, or use the default settings in Windows 10.

You can do this by right-clicking on the speaker icon, then select Sound > Playback. Locate the Sbode speaker from the list, click on it, then select the Properties button. From here you need to choose the Enhancements tab, and finally, take advantage of all the options available that make sense for you.

Selecting the Bass Boost option will improve bass, but the sound level will experience a decrease in the process.

The microphone

Oh yes, it comes with a built-in mic, so yes, you can communicate with your family and friends on Skype through this speaker.

What else is the Sbode Bluetooth Portable speaker capable of?

Outside of working well with Windows 10 computer systems, the speaker is IPX6 water resistant, it comes with an FM radio transmitter, and an SD card slot for playing music when it’s disconnected from your computer.

If you’re interested in picking up this Sbode speaker, the price, at the moment, is $35.49 via Amazon.

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