How to Save and Tag multiple Images in Google Image Search

For users not aware, Google offers an option to save the images you love on your desktop and get easy access to them at a later time. The option is really useful for those who use Google Image Search frequently and look for a way to quickly save your results while on mobile. You can think of it like Pinterest but without comment.

When you preview any image from Google Search, a Save button is displayed on the screen along with the other buttons. When you hit that button, all the saved images are made accessible via Moreover, you can add Tags to the saved images anytime to organize them.

Let’s see how to do it.

Save & Tag Multiple Images in Google Image Search

First, you need to install the Save To Google extension on your Chrome browser.

Having done that, browse the web for any image on When the list of images is displayed, click on the image. A ‘Save‘ button will be visible to you. Click on the Save button to save your image. When you do it, the label will change from Save to Saved.

twc image

Now, to check all the saved images organized in a single place simply head to the address – or click on View Saved button while the image is open in Google Image Search. All your saved images are displayed here.

saved images

The most recent ones will show up first. For adding a tag on saved image for your memory, open your saved images and then click any image, a large version of an image will open. A blank field will appear. Add a suitable Tag to the image. You can do so for multiple images.

add a tag to image

If you would like to delete any image that you saved, simply click on the image to open the larger version of it, then click on the Delete button that appears at the bottom. For deleting multiple images in one go, select multiple images and click on delete icon at top right corner.

The Chrome extension is available here.

Let us know if you find this feature useful.

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  1. Eija

    I do not see the Save button.

  2. Hemant

    Check, if you are signed in. You need to signin Google chrome to make the option visible

  3. Ricky

    You must have clarify in article. You need to Install extension from Google “Save to Google”.

  4. Thank you. Updating post.

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