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Have you ever experienced the dilemma of losing some very important text copied on your clipboard? It is extremely annoying especially when you got that document after a thorough research. Being a writer, I have experienced this thing quite a few times and then started using Save.Me. Formerly named as aiclipboard where ‘ai’ stands for Artificial Intelligence, this program works great for me and relieves me from the stress of losing my work. 1

Default Layout is a clipboard managing program which remembers and stores everything you have copied to your clipboard. This program helps you brilliantly if you are into some kind of work on computer (online or offline). turns your clipboard into a sidekick which further helps you managing, organizing and remembering everything you have saved on your clipboard. The best part is that the program works for you without charging a single penny.

It is a completely portable file which runs from anywhere. You do not need to install it, just download it on your computer system and use it when you want. The freeware also collects the files that you rename, create or saved on your system based on the file extension. In a nutshell, monitors your system and help you analyzing the data you have stored. saves all the files that I copy in my clipboard along with the type of the file, application I copied it from and the time when I copied it. I can use all my files whenever I need them. I just need to double click on the item, and I can use it as I want.


For example, all the screenshots I saved for this editorial are saved on my clipboard. save.me2

Amazing! I am loving this program and being a writer it is very useful and productive for me. I can also change the layout of the program. It has three option of ‘Default layout, Logbook, Wizard and Research’, but I like the default layout the most.

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Logbook Layout

Logbook Layout

Research layout

Research layout

Wizard Layout

Wizard Layout

Cons of

  • One major glitch that I found in this program is that it don’t has a ‘minimize’ option, as in; whenever I try to minimize the program, it closes, and I have to launch it again when I need to check my saved files in the clipboard.
  • It saves everything I copy and the list of saved files in the program becomes huge and messy. For example, if I copy anything twice or thrice, will save all of them as different files.

Overall, this is a very useful program for all of us who work on the computer system. What do you think about the program? Do not forget to leave your comment below in the comment box. supports many languages including English, Dutch, Czech, Italian, French, Chinese, Hebrew and German. You can download it here. To get the translation files, you first need to download the English template file. Using this English template file you can create a translation file in your own language. The translation files are available for download directly from

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