How to save Images using Chrome to your PC, when right-click is disabled


  1. Hi Caleb,

    Thanks for dropping by. Consoles work differently in different browsers. As far as Firefox is concerned, yes, we can do this pretty easily just by heading over to Tools -> Page Info -> Media where in we can find all the images belonging to that web page. Coming to IE, I couldn’t see a direct way for this. One pretty sure thing is Page source (hit Ctrl+U if you are in IE) will contain the source of a web page including image URLs, but searching for the needed one is tedious though.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards.

  2. I’d recommend caution using this technique. If a website disables the right click feature, then it’s usually to prevent copyright theft. If they are like myself and use Digimarc, I’ll still know if someone stole my images. Some designers/sites rely on either paid images or to keep their work protected. This method just turns people into thieves.

  3. Chrome changed the inspector tabs. Select the Application tab instead. Expand the Frames folder, then Images.

  4. I know this is an older article, but here is my input. Another option is to use the Snipping Tool built into to Windows. It is in the accessories folder and is super handy to just pin to the start menu or desk top. (Start button>All Programs>Accessories>Snipping Tool

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