Save documents to SkyDrive directly from Office 2010

Sharing a document has become much easier in Microsoft Office 2010. Now using Office 2010, office documents can be directly saved directly to SkyDrive. And with introduction of Office web apps, these documents can be used with Office Web Apps as well.

To save the document on SkyDrive from Office 2010:

1. Create a document in Office 2010 (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) & Save it (Ctrl+S)

2. Click on File on left-top corner to Visit backstage

3. Click on Save & Send option below the Print.

4. Now chose Save on Web from the options provided over there

5. Sign In with your Windows Live account

6. Enter your Windows Live account credentials, choose whether to save the credentials and hit OK.

7. Once you’re logged in your folders from SkyDrive will appear. You can also add a new folder & go straight to your SkyDrive there.

8. Save and upload your document in a folder you wish to save to and click the Save As button. You can share the document with everyone using Public Folder or any other folder with that permission.

9. You can check the status of any uploading documents in the Upload Centre found in the Notification area of your Taskbar.

Once it’s finished uploading, your document will be instantly available on your SkyDrive.

You’ll of course need a Windows Live account to upload doc to SkyDrive.  Go here for an account if you haven’t already got one.

Note : SkyDrive on Windows Live provides users 25GB of free space online for storing their files, documents etc.

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The author Vasu Jain is studying Computer Science at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles. He was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in Windows. He blogs at and can be contacted on Twitter @vasujain.