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Safe Preview Chrome Extension: Check web links with 6 antivirus before loading it

It is annoying to wait for a browser extension to finish loading all the suggestions from security advisers in quick time, but if you are really bothered about your Internet safety, that’s probably a small price to pay. That said, there are several Link Checkers & URL Scanners for Chrome Browser, like Quettera, Short URL Scanner and VTchromizer from VirusTotal out there in the market. How do you decide which one is best for you? Many find Safe Preview for Chrome worth recommending.

Safe Preview Chrome Extension

The extension assumes a significant role and lets you know everything about the page you are visiting, even before it opens! For instance, I can see all the major security notifications for any particular site at one time.

Six antivirus programs analyze web pages thoroughly online, as they get loaded. However, there are chances that the programs might miss or fail to notice the malicious code hiding underneath. Therefore, there’s an extra layer of security added in the form of Safe Search. All a user need to do is hit the Safe Preview icon adjacent to the link you are about to visit and verify if the page he intends to open is safe or not for viewing.

A relatively important feature about the extension is that, even though it’s always running in the background, it is light on the resources which lends it the freedom to run safely without worrying about its power sucking capabilities.

Second, some of the security advisers supported take unusually longer time to fetch the safety data from their servers. In such cases, you can select which ones should render their service and disable others from Safe Preview settings.

You can also choose the icon display metrics and time delays in the settings. There is also a provision to whitelist some domain names. My take on this browser extension … Safe Preview is really a good and useful extension for Chrome users, who are serious about their Internet safety.