A run down of Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549 is available for download via the Fast Ring right now, and with it, we’ve learned a few things. It’s not an update ripe with features; it is all about delivering something stable along with adding a few goodies.

To get build 10549, you’ll need to download the Windows Insider app from the Windows Store and choose to get updates from the Fast Ring. Bear in mind that the Fast Ring may sometimes grant users with an unstable operating system, so if that is not your cup of coffee, we suggest joining the Slow Ring.


Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Build 10549

Downloading Windows 10 Mobile build 10549 was snappy over our 12-megabyte broadband connection. Before downloading, make sure your battery percentage is 40 percent or over for download process to move into high gear. When it came down to installing, it took a few minutes, but nothing crazy happened while the installation was going on, and we liked that.

After installation, you’ll notice nothing new unless you’re coming from Windows 8.1. Everything on the surface looks just the same as build 10546, but there is a notable difference in performance. Our Nokia Lumia 920 performed faster; we experienced less black screens with the word “loading” in the middle, and overall things were generally good.

There’s a new feature with this build, one we’ve become very accustomed to in such a short time. You see, Microsoft has added Skype features to the Messaging app. Yes, it is now possible to chat with your friends and family on Skype via the Messaging app. Setting up this feature is a breeze, just launch the app for the first time and follow the instructions. You’ll be required to sign into your Microsoft account for it work, and once that is over with, you can message your folks.

But that’s not all, the options are there to make voice or video calls. Now, we’ve only tested the voice aspect of this thing, and we can say without a doubt that it works. We’ll update this article once we’ve given the video call feature a test drive.

Diversity makes it to Windows 10 Mobile:

We’ve noticed while sending a text that there are now diverse emoji. It’s a big deal for those who care a lot about diversity.

As for issues, the only ones we’ve come across is the never-ending problem of Microsoft Edge web browser randomly closing and resetting itself. In fact, many apps tend to close automatically and up to this day we cannot understand why Microsoft is taking so long to end this bug once and for all. Apart from that, build 10549 comes off as something that is getting closer to a full release, and we can’t wait.

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