How to use Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone 7.8

With Nokia launching Lumia 510 with factory installed Windows Phone 7.8 operating system and simultaneously pushing an update for existing Lumia 800 users, by this time there must be many users using WP7.8. If you have updated to Windows Phone 7.8 already, you are among the first ones to lay your hands on some exclusive features on your phone.

Ringtone Maker for Windows Phone 7.8

With Windows Phone 7.8 installed, it is possible to download Ringtone Maker from the Marketplace to create customized ringtones right on your phone. Ringtone Maker is an app developed by Nokia which will allow you to edit any song from your device to create a customized ringtone on your phone. This app is available for free on the Marketplace, but strictly requires Windows Phone 7.8.

If you have installed Windows Phone 7.8, here’s how to use Ringtone Maker.

Step One: Download and install Ringtone Maker from Windows Phone Marketplace.

Step Two: Open ‘Ringtone Maker’ app from the menu.

Step Three: The app will be running, and you will be greeted with a welcome screen.

Step Four: Select ‘Pick a song’

Step Five: It will lead to your songs playlist/library. From there select any song of your choice.

Step Six: Now crop the song the way you want it to sound as a ringtone. Move the handles to adjust the length of ringtone.

Step Seven: Tap the play button at the bottom to preview your ringtone.

Step Eight: All set! Tap the Save button at the bottom.

Step Nine: Assign a name for the ringtone. You can also set it as a ringtone by ticking ‘Make this my ringtone’.

Step Ten: That’s it! You are done!. You can also select an already made ringtone from settings.

Nokia has eliminated a serious drawback from Windows Phone by making the Ringtone Maker app for it.

As customized ringtones are always welcomed by the users, this app will be surely installed on many phones.

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  1. Nikhil

    thanks, but i am not able to find that, where is ringtone library? can you please that me that where can i get the option of ringtone library, so as to i can send those ringtones to my friends also.

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