How to restore the classic old Google Chrome design

The latest version of the Chrome browser comes with material design. However, if you liked the charm of the old design you can revert back to the old Google Chrome design by following the steps in this article. Chrome is supported by all the systems in order to facilitate a strong foundation for a modern web application. The new Chrome comes with a new material design interface that supports CSS Scroll Snap which allows users to have a smooth scrolling experience.

Additionally, Chrome supports a display cutout that allows users to utilize the broad areas of the screen including the cutout space behind the display. This huge release offers a plenty of other features, along with a visible change with respect to the themes. Chrome users can easily customize the background images, enable the colorful tab bar instead of the old gray ones and personalize the new tab. One of the most visible changes in the new update is that it has the profile icon shifted to the menu bar and has a round-edged tab in order to ease the visibility of the website icons across a large number of the opened tabs. Chrome 69 offers a drastic change in the UI layout with different shapes for tabs and icons.

However, every user has their own aesthetic preferences and some users are not really happy with the new design layout and User interface. If you are not a keen fan of the new design look for any reason, users are provided with the flexibility to switch back to the old classic look settings. In order to restore the old Chrome’s classic look,  you have to make some tweaks in the experimental flag. In this article, we explain how to restore the old UI layout for Chrome using the experimental flag.

Restore the classic old Google Chrome design

Open the Google Chrome browser

Type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter.

Search for the flag UI layout for the browser’s top chrome”.

Choose the option Normal from the drop-down menu to restore the old UI Layout.

How to restore the classic old Google Chrome design

Restart Chrome Browser. That’s all.

Do you like the new Chrome design or do you prefer the old look?

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  1. Tam Xid

    I had a strange feelings about this latest GChrome tabs.
    Easy solution.

  2. Arkron

    No longer works, unfortunately. Option has been removed.

  3. klutch14u

    Love when these guys just decide we no longer need something and tear it out. Guess it’s back to FF for me

  4. B- Man

    worked for a few months, option is removed and it looks like shit again!

  5. Andrew Cakebread

    agree; I used this method but I suspected it would only work for a limited period of time. Not liking this Fisher-Price interface at all

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