ResophNotes: Create Notes and Synchronize with Simplenote

ResophNotes is a fast and free note writing software & a Simplenote client for Windows PC,  that syncs with your Simplenote account. Sticky Notes of Windows is a good tool to produce small notes and stick to your monitor. However, here is another great note taking tool and Sticky Notes alternative for Windows, which is known as ResophNotes.

ResophNotes – Create Notes on Windows

ResophNotes uses the principle of minimalism and that is why you will get a neat and clean user interface. The most interesting thing is you can get the installer file to install it on your PC or get the portable version as well. There is no other special requirements you have to install ResephNotes on your Windows.

After installing or opening the portable version of ResophNotes, you will get a screen that looks something like the following picture,

ResophNotes Start Screen

To create a note using this tool, click on the plus icon and write down your note on your right hand side. You can write as many words as you want. All the notes will be saved instantly and without any further action.

ResophNotes assists users to categorize notes by tags. That means, suppose, if you have created a note for your office, you can add a tag, Office or Work. This is possible to add tag while writing the note. To add tag, just click on Add tag button that is positioned above the empty space on the right side.

Add tag in ResophNotes

First time users need to click on plus icon and write down the desired tag. After that, make a cross in the corresponding checkbox and click on OK button. You can also add multiple tags to a single note.

ResophNotes Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+Left Arrow: Go to Previous note
  • Ctrl+S: Synchronize Notes
  • Ctrl+N: Create new note
  • Ctrl+D: Delete note
  • Ctrl+O: Options
  • Ctrl+F, Ctrl+L: Search
  • Ctrl+Up Arrow: Previous note
  • Ctrl+Down arrow: Next note
  • Ctrl+Q: Exit app
  • Ctrl+T: Select tag dialog
  • Ctrl+Shift+T: Edit tag dialog
  • Ctrl+Shift+Y: Edit tag for note
  • Ctrl+Shift+U: Insert current timestamp
  • Ctrl+Tab: Jump between fields
  • Ctrl+I: Import .txt files
  • Ctrl+E: Email note
  • Ctrl+P: Print note
  • Ctrl+M: Markdown
  • Alt+P: Pin note
  • Alt+L: Note as List Items
  • F11: Single note mode
  • F3: Search Next/Previous matched word

This is as simple as said to create a note with a specific tag. Now, here are something, what will help you to know more about the features.

ResophNotes Features and Settings

You can get the configuration window by clicking on Settings/gear icon that is positioned in the bottom right corner of ResophNotes window.


Some of the important settings/options are as follows,

  • Sort notes by Title/Last Modified Date
  • List notes at left/on top
  • Enable/disable auto indentation, tag support, markdown, internal link, delete note confirmation ,text format, last modified date etc.
  • Activate keyboard shortcut to create/search note
  • Change font, font-style, font-weight and font size
  • Synchronize notes with Simplenote account

Enable SimpleNote Synchronization

If you know about Simplenote, there is nothing to say. However, if you do not know about Simplenote, let me describe it. Simplenote is probably the simplest form of note taking app. You can click and add notes using Simplenote on your mobile and web.

ResophNotes helps users to synchronize their notes with Simplenote so that they can use these from anywhere. To enable Simplenote synchronization, at first create an account on

After that, go to the Configuration window and switch to Simplenote tab.

Setup SimpleNote with Resophnotes

Then, enter your email ID and password in the corresponding box. You can also change the synchronization frequency.

That’s it. Instead of using Sticky Notes, you can try ResophNotes, which is a great substitute to that. It requires just one step to complete and save a note. Hope you would like it.

You can download ResephNotes from here. It is available for Windows 8.1 / 7 / Vista / XP.

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