How to reschedule or cancel Windows 10 Upgrade

The last date for free Windows 10 upgrade is approaching. July 29, 2016, is the last date to get a free upgrade of the most secure Windows version. While Microsoft started pushing Windows 10 first as Optional and then as Recommended Update, there are still several users who are working on Windows 8.1 or Windows 7.

Whether you have opted for the free upgrade or not, Microsoft is downloading Windows 10 to your computer. You might be unaware but Microsoft has scheduled your Windows 10 upgrade. You may have even received a notification about your scheduled Windows 10 upgrade.


This notification shows that your upgrade has been scheduled by the company itself. However, you can always change the scheduled date and time for the upgrade, or you can also run the upgrade right away.

There is an option saying, Click here to change upgrade schedule or cancel scheduled upgrade in the notification pop-up.

Go to the link to reschedule or cancel your Windows 10 upgrade. But if you are okay with the scheduled date and time, you simply have to click on the OK button or on the red ‘x’ button. Your PC will automatically upgrade on the scheduled date and time.

NOTE: I repeat, clicking on the ‘x’ button too will be treated as consent to upgrade to Windows 10, unlike in the past, where clicking on the red ‘x’ button was considered as your refusal for wanting to upgrade.

Reschedule or cancel Windows 10 Upgrade schedule

To change your Windows 10 upgrade schedule, click on the hyperlinked ‘here’ link. Once you click it, you will get a pop-up message asking for the new time to upgrade to Windows 10.

Reschedule or Cancel Windows 10 Upgrade schedule

Select the date and time according to your preferences and click on Confirm. 

Click on “Cancel scheduled upgrade” if you don’t want your PC to upgrade at the scheduled time.

windows 10 upgrade

Microsoft sends you a reminder before starting your upgrade at the scheduled date and time. You will get a reminder with a countdown of 15 minutes before the upgrade starts running. But you can always click on I need more time  if you are not ready for the upgrade.

windows 10 upgrade schedules

If you are going ahead with the scheduled upgrade, you need to leave your PC on and plugged in. The PC starts several times during the upgrade, but your saved files will be right where you left them.

Turn off Windows 10 upgrade notifications

If you are one of the many users who do not want to upgrade and are annoyed with the regular Windows 10 upgrade notifications, you can turn them off anytime and hide the Get Windows 10 app. To do this, right-click (or press and hold) the Taskbar, and then select Properties.

On the Taskbar tab, go down to the Notification area and select Customize. In the Notification Area Icons window, for the GWX icon, select Hide icon and notifications.

hide get windows 10

Please note, that if the upgrade is already scheduled, you will get the 15 minutes prior notification even if you turn off the notifications, states KB3095675.

See how you can stop automatic downloading of Windows 10 or stop Windows 10 from upgrading your computer automatically or completely block Windows 10 upgrade using Group Policy or Registry. These free tools will help you block Windows 10 Upgrade easily.

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