Repair Corrupted Contacts Cache in Windows Live Messenger 2011: Error Code 80070422


  1. Dear Nitin,
    My Siragon ML 1010 Notebook refuses to boot. It asks to supply the password for the blocked HHD, which a 160 GB Samsung SATA. Information I don-t have.
    I live in Venezuela and the only thing I can do here is change the HHD, which I did and the notebook keeps asking for the HHD password…
    Thanks beforehand and all the best.

    The issue I had was that whenever I logged in from my laptop, all of my contacts appeared offline, and this issue did not happen if I logged in from hotmail or my iphone. So I just followed your steps about removing the folder from C:Users{User}AppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows LiveContacts and it started working like a charm!

  3. THANK YOU!!!!!!! I spent ALL day uninstalling and reinstalling the messenger, deleted and re-adding my friend who I couldn’t chat with. Then I find your walkthrough and its all back to normal!!! I Loooove you for this!! Thank you!!!

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