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Remove and Restore Show Desktop Button with ShowDesktop Remover

Show Desktop Remover is a freeware tool that lets you easily remove and restore the Show Desktop button appearing in the right side of Windows 7 taskbar. Windows 7 introduced a cool new feature – creating a Show Desktop button in the extreme right of the taskbar. While most appreciated it, there will always be some who do not like it and prefer the old Show Desktop icon which appeared near the start button.

Of course one can always disable desktop preview by right clicking on in it and un-checking Peek at Desktop. One can also get a preview of the desktop you can also click Windows + Spacebar keys.

Show Desktop Remover

ShowDesktop Remover is a tiny app that does what its name says – it removes the show desktop button from the Windows 7 taskbar.


ShowDesktop Remover v1 has been created by Lee Whitington for The Windows Club. It was created after Lee saw a previous app that was separated into a couple of apps, if a user had Taskbar on Top.

Windows 7 users – if you want the Show Desktop button on the left side of your taskbar, the way it appeared in Windows Vista and Windows XP, see this.

Windows Vista and Windows XP users – if you want the Show Desktop button to appear on the right side of your taskbar, see this.