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How to Remove a Device from the Movies & TV app in Windows 10

With Movies and TV app in Windows 10, you can buy or rent the latest movies and TV shows in high definition and enjoy them on your Windows PC, phone, tablet, or Xbox console. When you download a purchased content, you can run it on up to five devices and redownload the content as many times as you like. However, rentals can only be played on the device on which they are purchased. Also note that if you are looking to play the movies on one or more devices, you first need to associate them with the Movies & TV App. We can help you with the process.

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Remove a Device from Movies & TV app

To find out which and how many devices are currently associated with the Movies & TV app, launch the Movies & TV app.

Then, go to Settings and tap or click Show my download devices. Instantly, a pop-up window should appear on your computer screen and will display the list of devices to which you can download your purchases.

When you sign in to the app and purchase content, the device you signed in from will be automatically added.

For removing a device, sign in to the device that you want to remove. And launch the Movies & TV app from that device. Next, go to Settings and tap or click Download devices and Show my download devices.

Tap or click Remove this device. You can only remove one device every 30 days.

Once you’ve successfully removed the device, you’ll get a message informing your downloaded items will be removed from the current device. You can redownload the items to the device later if you add it again.

While downloading the files again shouldn’t be a problem, you can experience errors due to the following,

If you have reached the limit of five devices, you’ll see the following message when you try to purchase or rent content on any additional device:

  1. To download this rental, remove one of your other devices.
  2. To resolve this problem, you’ll need to remove one of the devices.

Removing the devices individually is somewhat tedious since, you have to do one at a time, confirming as you go.

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