Remove 3rd-party applications where you have used Facebook to log in

It’s not a clever idea to remember multiple passwords for accessing different websites. So, an alternative measure to escape this route is to allow third-party apps to access our Facebook account. But by doing this, you choose to give away a lot of personal information for a little convenience. If you aren’t aware, third-party applications are built for a platform by external developers. As such, these are not owned or operated by Facebook.

Delete Facebook dependent 3rd-party applications

When you connect a third-party application to your Facebook account, you invariably allow it to access your personal information. Depending on its permissions, an authorized application may be able to use your account in several ways, including reading your status, seeing who you befriend, checking your email address and more.

If all this worries you, removing 3rd-party apps that might have used Facebook to log in would be a safe option.

Usually, there are two confirmation dialogues involved when you log in an app/website using Facebook.

  1. The app simply requests access to your Facebook profile and
  2. The app seeks your permission to post something on your behalf.

Turning off this feature and Facebook’s integration with such apps, games, and websites is simple and when done, removes apps or games you’ve logged into using Facebook. Please note: you may lose information or game achievements/progress.

To turn off Facebook’s integration with apps, games, and websites, log in your Facebook account and click the drop-down button visible in the top-right corner of Facebook.

Next, select Settings and choose the option that reads ‘Apps and Websites’ in the left side menu. You may go there directly by clicking on this link.

Facebook dependent 3rd-party applications

You may select one or more Apps or Websites and then click on the blue Remove button.

You may also go to Apps, Web sites and Plugins, click Edit button to check ‘App visibility’. Here you can read about the info you have provided to the app. Look for the ‘Remove’ option available as a link at the bottom and click it to remove the app/website.

Also, do not forget to remove the content that the app may have published on your behalf.

Apart from the above, there are few more settings you can control and configure like,

  • Game and app notifications – it lets you control game requests from friends and game status updates from app developers on Facebook and Gameroom. Any changes made to this setting does not affect your ability to use apps or play games in any way.
  • Old versions of Facebook for mobile – This mobile version controls the privacy of things that you post using old Facebook mobile apps.

Hope this helps!

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