Export Registry Keys from Remote Windows PC with Remote Registry Exporter

Often it becomes necessary to collect information about registry keys and their values for varied programs installed on your computers. Doing it manually by opening the registry editor and then searching for specific registry key kills your time hence the utility of the program – EMCO Remote Registry Exporter.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter is a simple and useful tool for network administrators (both large scale networks and small home networks) that helps you export a whole registry or extract specified registry keys from remote PCs in automatic mode and save them as .reg files to a suitable folder.

Now the question arises – why do we need to have an additional program, when already a registry editor for Windows exists. Well, on a local PC you can have an access to registry settings through registry editor. It allows you to have a low-level access to system settings and export them to .reg file. Using registry editor you can even gain access to registry on a remote computer. However, registry editor hasn’t been designed to work with multiple remote PCs simultaneously. For exporting registry keys from multiple PCs, you need to have Remote Registry Exporter.

Moreover, with this program, the registry export operation can be launched on demand or scheduled and executed on multiple remote PCs simultaneously at a defined time.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter

The user interface of the program is simple and guides you through all the essential steps needed for exporting the data. If you want you can customize the application and change the interface design by selecting a skin of your choice. The program has a set of skins with many styles.

You can initiate the remote registry export operation by just defining a list of keys to export and the list of PCs where export should be done. PCs in the active directory and in the workgroups get listed automatically, making it easier for you to select target PCs.

When remote operation is configured you can launch it immediately, save it as a task for quick execution at any time or schedule it for an automatic execution on schedule. There’s a built-in scheduler available for this purpose i.e. to automate the registry export options.

If the export tasks are scheduled, they are displayed on the calendar view, similar to Outlook calendar and are executed by the program on the defined date and time. You can see a report for every executed remote operation on the Task Execution Results view. It includes execution status for every PC and complete error information in case there is an operation failure.

EMCO Remote Registry Exporter is a freeware and you can download the latest version from this page. The size of the program is approximately 47MB so it may take a while to download the program.

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