Remote Potato: Stream Videos from Your Home PC to Anywhere

Windows Media Center is digital video recorder and media player developed by Microsoft that allows you to listen to music, view and record live television by installing extenders for easy media streaming and do much more. The only area where Media Centre lacks is in its ability to be portable. However, to resolve this issue there is an application called Remote Potato.

Remote Potato turns Windows Media Center into a web server, thereby allowing you to access your media from any PC with a browser and an internet connection. Simply enter PC’s IP address, and you can and gain remote access to your entire media library, no need to carry media around in a USB flash drive. By installing this application, you acquire the ability to schedule recordings, consult the TV guide, and even stream recordings from your media center, no matter where you happen to be.

The web-based server is supported on a Windows based PCs only (Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7). If you want, you can also install it on Windows Home Server, but since Windows Media Center is not part of Windows Home server you will have to forego the Recorded TV functionality.

Remote Potato Installation:

  • A straight-forward set up wizard guides a user through the complete set up process. This, at first, requires agreeing to the usual ‘License Agreement’.
  • Enter the User name and password in the Remote Library Access window.
  • If you are using the application for the first time, configure the Remote Internet Access.
  • Choose the security settings and type of remote access. After this, you will be given a local and an external IP address to access your media from the browser.
  • If everything is fine and works in your favor, a handy summary screen will appear, showing your settings and the address you need to use to access the web server.
  • Next step is to enter the details of a user whose media library will be shared by the application.
  • Enter the required details and click Save. Now, you will be able to access the main interface of the application. Choose the folders and media that you would like to share, and click the Play button to activate the remote server.
  • Finally, enter your PC’s IP address in the browser of another PC to gain access to your media library. You are now all set to play your movies, videos and music directly from the browser. 

With Remote Potato you can get any media on your home PC from anywhere in the world, all you need is a web browser and Remote Potato.

Check out the  video about Remote Potato to get an idea.

You can get the free application from here.

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