How To Reinstall Internet Explorer In Windows 7 E and Standard Edition

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  1. But the Windows 7 E release allegedly would do more than just hide IE 8. It would require users and OEMs who wanted IE to install it

  2. One small correction – the N edition does include IE. It’s Windows Media Player that’s omitted from that edition.

  3. If I remember correctly the customers of Windows 7 in Europe are provided with Browser Ballot whcih will provide the customers a choice of browser at installation. This approach was adopted instead of selling E editions. I’m not sure though.

  4. I am sorry I did not understand your comment. You mean IE is already present? I had a chance to use all three editions: N, E and Standard and IE is not present in E. I had to install it separately.

  5. I too heard of it. But when I installed the E edition, it did not ask me anything. I had to install IE separately.

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