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Backup and Recover your data easily with Redo Backup and Recovery tool

We are now more dependent on our data than anything else. It’s safety and security is the first and foremost thing for a user because disaster may happen anytime without any notification to you. Disasters like crashing of hard disk, file index system corruption, deletion of data by mistake, and many more.

It is always better to play safe by keeping a Backup of your data. There are several tools available to do so and now Cloud services are another better option to keep your files backed up. But the tool I am talking here is not just another Backup and Recovery tool; it has its own specialties which have impressed me a lot.

Redo Backup & Recovery is a free open source tool based on xPUD and part-clone, which not only works with Windows but also supports  Linux. It is a recovery tool which even works when your hard disk crashes because it boots from a live CD.

To start with Redo Backup and Recovery tool, first of all, you need to download the ISO file, available for free (200 MB in size). Now using any CD burning tool, burn the ISO image on a blank CD and prepare a Live CD to boot into the software. You can prepare a bootable USB drive as well.

Just restart your PC and boot from the CD – no installation required – and the system is all ready to serve instantly. You can choose from the list of different languages supported and move further.

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The list of all tools will get listed and you can start working according to your requirement. It also provides you an option to access and save all your files in case if you main OS has been crashed or you are not able to boot into your PC.

The best feature which lets Redo Backup outshine other Backup tools is that it will automatically search your local area network for drives to backup to or restore from. You don’t need to know any details about a shared folder or network-attached storage device.

Redo offers many other tools which are really helpful if you are performing a system restore. It sports a web browser, IM tool, Facebook app, hard disk manager, and Google apps.

In short: Redo is a complete package of must-have tools required at the time of disaster.

Download Redo Backup and Recovery here.