Record Web Traffic with FiddlerCap for Windows

When we open any website we see many images, pop-ups, social sharing buttons and so on, along with the information that we are looking for. Those websites try to connect to several other website to get information that will be displayed on the web page. FiddlerCap is an  application that helps a user capture, record and track down the website path, that any webpage tries to connect elsewhere, to serve you information. It also offers useful information, in case of connectivity issues arising, due to caching, session issue, etc.

FiddlerCap for Windows

FiddlerCap basically captures web traffic which can be used to track down any kind of bug and issues prevailing with a browser or a web page. The captured data is stored as a web log.

Capture Web Traffic with FiddlerCap for Windows

To begin with FiddlerCap user have to first download the setup file. Install and run the application.

Close all open browser instances like Chrome, Firefox etc. Now, click on “Start Capture” button to trigger the process of web traffic capture. It will start listing captured sessions along with their ID, status, protocol (HTTP, UDP), host name and host path address.

Record Web Traffic

You can click on “Stop Capture” when they feel like they are done with FiddlerCap. There is also an option to save or capture session information using “Save Capture” option. The Save Capture will store file as .SAZ file to your desktop.

You can then forward that compressed session capture (.SAZ) file via email to debug the issue.

FiddlerCap comes with features like “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”, “Store binaries” and “Store cookies and POSTs”.

The Decrypt HTTPS traffic feature will decipher traffic those are moving over secured channel and thus helps troubleshooter to check for issue.

The Store binaries is another option available in FiddlerCap tool, that allows user to store data in binary format like 0 & 1 – all these data are stored in the log file which is generated after running FiddlerCap to diagnose the issue.

Store cookies and POSTs option help user to stores cookies information in log file.

The main used of FiddlerCap are:

  • Web Debugging: It captures traffic moving between Windows, Mac, Linux systems and mobile devices to ensure proper transfer of cookies, headers and cache directives.
  • Performance Testing: FiddlerCap allows tester to check total page weight, HTTP compression and caching and isolate any performance issue.
  • Customizing Fiddler: Customizing FiddlerCap helps user to add simple yet powerful script like simple FiddlerScript to automate the debugging process.
  • Web Session Manipulation: User can create a breakpoint using Web Session Manipulation and can manipulate and edit the sessions. A custom HTTP/HTTPS connection can also be created using FiddlerCap.

Use FiddlerCap to debug issues

You can also use it solve problems you may be facing while using as it captures explicit communications (traces) between the your computer and Microsoft servers. The tool captures the requests that the your computer makes and the responses that server provides. KB929779  shows how you can use this tool for this purpose.

FiddlerCap is a useful freeware tool to capture network traffic over HTTP, HTTPS network to decipher and fix issues arising from any connection issue. It is available for free download from the FiddlerCap home page.

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