Record Voice Calls of Specific Skype Contacts with Skype Auto Recorder

Undoubtedly, Skype has become a great tool for communication as it is supported on almost all devices. The popular application, as we all know is used to make free voice and video calls and chat over the Internet.  Now that Skype is a part of Microsoft, we do intend to cover Skype more frequently.

Earlier, we explained how to set up and use Skype to make free calls and then even featured an application, MP3 Skype Recorder, that helped you record your Skype conversations and store them as high quality MP3. Similar to it, we have come across a free Windows program – Skype Auto Recorder.

Skype Audio Recorder

Skype Auto Recorder is a Skype call recording tool, which once installed, allows you to record voice calls for only specific contacts. The tool records voices of specific contacts as a MP3 file in the location, specified in the settings.

At first, the program requires you to create a list of contacts from your Skype contacts whose calls you would not like to record. It then automatically begins recording voice calls whenever you make/receive a call to/from a user who’s not in the ‘Don’t Record’ list.

How to use Skype Auto Recorder

Step 1 – To download the file you must agree to license of agreement

Step 2 – Click on ‘I Agree’ and save the zipped file (1.6MB download size).

Step 3 – Once done, click on ‘Run’. Note that the application may depend on other files in the compressed folder. So, it is recommended to extract files first.

Step 4 – If all goes well, you will notice Skype Auto Recorder icon in system tray. it will be displayed with the following color:

  • Grey – Application isn’t connected to Skype or Skype is unavailable
  • Normal color icon – Application is connected and waiting for calls
  • Red dot – Recording of conversation

Remember, the voice recording tool records only conversations with contacts which are present in filters, so first you need to configure them.

Configure Skype Auto Recorder

To do it, you need to access ‘Settings’ window

First, do a right-click on Skype Auto Recorder’s tray icon using your mouse and choose ‘Settings’.

Under the ‘Settings’ window you can configure various options. These include,

  1. ‘Autostart with Windows’ option – The option when enabled places application to the Windows registry Run section.
  2. ‘Record unfiltered conversation to’ option – This allows recording of calls from all contacts which are not added to the filters.
  3. ‘Increase volume of the recorded file’ option – This provides possibility of increasing volume of the output MP3 file. Scale 1-50 is available.
  4. ‘Don’t record conversation with contacts’ – This field allows excluding contacts whose calls are not be recorded.

(Note, for output file name you must enter a valid path with desired file name. If you don’t specify extension MP3 gets added automatically.)

Skype Auto Recorder Features:

  1. Ability to record conversations to MP3
  2. Support for increasing sound volume of the record
  3. Resides in the system tray quietly as an icon
  4. Option to auto connect/reconnect to Skype
  5. Filters for recording contacts/group of contacts to different files
  6. Blacklist option to exclude recordings of certain contacts
  7. Option to auto start with Windows

So, if you are looking for a free and viable option to record Skype video calls, go ahead – login to your Skype securely – and give this free tool a try.

Some anti-viruses software may block Skype API, so Skype Auto Recorder will not function. You can resolve the issue by adding the program to the antivirus exceptions.

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