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Though Skype is great for making video calls one feature that the service lacks is its inability to record conversations in an MP3 or WAV format. Well, not anymore! Like Skype Auto Recorder, a tool by the name Call Graph is now also available, that helps in recording Skype calls and indexing them for easy search later.

Call Graph is free application to record Skype calls in MP3 (set as the default format) or WAV formats.

The conversation recording plugin for Skype records both Skype P2P and SkypeOut/SkypeIn calls. It automatically tags Skype calls with the display name of the contact and offers automatic updates.  Also, one great feature about the service is that all Call Graph notifications appear over the task bar icon and therefore does not interfere with your call.

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For recording calls from both sides, Call Graph requires Skype authorization to use the API. Without API authorization calls from only one side can be recorded. By default, the tool automatically saves all recordings onto your computer (My Documents\My Call Graphs folder).

How to use Call Graph for recording Skype calls?

  • Download and Install Call Graph Skype Recorder
  • Connect the conversation recording plugin to Skype by authorizing it. As soon as the plugin gets authorized you will notice a warning with the following message displayed ‘Another application (CallGraph.exe) is attempting to access Skype, but we are unable to respond. Please try to restart the application’ .

  • Once you observe this warning restart Skype, then, navigate the mouse pointer to the ‘Tools’ option and under it choose ‘Options’.

  • Next, locate the ‘Advanced’ tab; click on it when found and soon after that click on ‘Manage other programs access to Skype’ link.

  • If all goes well, you will see the Call Graph application being displayed in the ‘Manage API Access Control’ window. Click on ‘Change’.

  • Next, check the ‘Allow this program to use Skype’ option and click on ‘OK’

  • On the task-bar Call Graph icon will be visible.
  • Presence of the icon on the task-bar will indicate that the toolbar is now ready to record a conversation.

  • To test the program, make a Skype call and press the Call Graph record button. The recording should start immediately. Press the stop button to stop recording.

  • If you would like to configure any options you could do so by simply making a right-click and checking the settings as per your choice.

To my amazement, I found that Call Graph offers good quality sound. The tool  does not contain any kind of spyware, adware, or malware. I therefore would like to recommend the program to everyone who wishes to record Skype calls.

Call Graph is extremely easy to use, works well on Windows 7 and can be downloaded from here.

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  1. dave mave

    this is moronic
    just use audacity and record from steromix

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    thanx for info, but i’d recommend to record skype calls using this tool, i do enjoy it!)

  3. You may also want to try MX SkypeRecorder which is stable and fulfills its duties. Well, at least it never let me down. Hope it’ll help.

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