Record and Edit Skype Video Calls with Vodburner

We have already covered Call Graph, MP3 Skype Recorder and Skype Auto Recorder, three free Skype conversation recording tools. Now, we will introduce you to Vodburner, another useful extra for Skype.

Vodburner for Windows

Vodburner records Skype video calls and also edits them. It offers all features for free – but only for a limited period of 14 days time. After this period of 14 days expires, you will able to record and edit calls made and received, only from VodBurner to VodBurner users. So from that point of view, it is not strictly freeware but ‘cripple-ware’!

Record Skype Video Calls

How to use Vodburner

  • Download Vodburner from here by simply entering all the essential details (first name, last name and an email address)
  • Then, just hit the ‘Download Vodburner’ button and follow on-screen installation instructions.
  • Your Skype window should display an “Allow access” button near the top right hand side of the main Skype window. Hit the button. The action will allow VodBurner to connect to Skype.

  • If you do not find the button, navigate your mouse pointer to Tools > Options > Advanced.

  • Click “Manage other programs access to Skype” near the bottom of the page.

  • If VodBurner shows up in the list, click on it. If not, you are left with no choice but to reboot your system and try again.
  • Next, click on the ‘Change’ button to change permissions.

Chances are some security software may get in the way. Under such circumstances, disable the Skype public API to resolve the issue. Soon, a Vodburner toolbar should be visible to you. The toolbar will let you record a video and halt it at any given time by pressing the Pause or Stop button.

The Pause button will halt the recording, but will continue recording the same file once you resume. Stop will discard the recording and begin recording, after you hit the record button again.

Suppose you don’t require recording all of your video calls then disabling the automatic call recording feature in Vodburner would be a good option. To do so, click on ‘Options’ tab. Then, click on ‘Configure’and finally ‘Recording’. Under ‘Recording’, un-check the automatic recording check box.

How to edit video calls using Vodburner

Once you have finished making a call, you will be prompted with a View and Edit notification. Vodburner, by default, records videos to a proprietary format which is not readable by media players. So, the program requires converting the file into usable video first. Once done, you will view the Post Production Console.

Under it, you will find:

  1. Compose tab
  2. Enhancetab
  3. Finish tab

Enhance tab will give you access to most editing features.This includes,

  1. Ability to add text
  2. Ability to add photos
  3. Ability to add audio to your movie

The ‘Finish’ tab onother hand allows converting videos into commonly usable video format.

VodBurner works on Windows 8 / 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. To convert recordings direct to MP4, Windows 8 / 7 is required. To generate MP4 files from the post-production console, Windows 8 / 7 is required. For all other operating systems, only WMV and ASF formats are supported.

VodBurner works with V3.x and upwards.

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  1. nice info, thanx!) but as for me, i usually record skype calls using this tool, it’s simple and nice!)

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