Real vs Rogue app from Microsoft will tell you how Scam savy you are!


  1. I got 100%. But then, again, I’ve been doing this for pushing 40 years. So, then, no surprise.

    That said, it’s a very Microsoft-centric and -exclusive test, as pretty anything Microsoft does tends to be. Nobody pretends like it’s the only game in town like Microsoft.

    And by that, in this case, I don’t mean that Microsoft labels any legitimate antivirus tools, other than its own, as rogueware (that really WOULD be bad); however, it does conveniently leave all legitimate antivirus tools out there, other than its own, from the exam; includes in the test screenshots of only its own products, versus known rogueware, as if those were the only choices… as if Microsoft’s products versus rogueware, is all anyone needs to know. Not included in the test are screenshots of equally-good, non-Microsoft anti-malware from, for example, McAfee, or Norton, or Eset, or Kaspersky, or AVG, or Comodo, or Bit Defender, or Avira, or any of a number of others.

    Given that Microsoft’s anti-virus tools aren’t, by any stretch of the imagination best-of-breed (though I admit they’re darned good, especially because they’re free), proffering this Microsoft-centric (to the exclusion of all others) test is a bit of a scam in its own right, no? It’s really just a marketing tool, and this website is proffering it as if it were neutral and objective…

    …not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, mind you. That said, it would be nice if this site at least had the integrity to fully disclose it.

    This is all just an opinion, mind you; albeit, informed by my years of experience with Microsoft (and even by my actually having met and worked with Bill Gates, and getting his number, way back when he used to walk the floors of such as the West Coast Computer Faire in San Francisco so many years ago), and the inescapable cynicism in me that has resulted.

    All that said, the test is, indeed, something that everyone should take so that they may at least see screenshots of some of the most commonly experienced-by-most-users rogueware out there… for whatever that’s worth. Taking the test two or three times causes a few additional rogueware screenshots to display, which is additionally useful. However, by making it Microsoft-versus-rogueware, without including screenshots of any of Microsoft’s worthy competitors, it makes it so that all one REALLY needs to know/memorize is what Microsoft’s stuff looks like. Anything not Microsoft is rogueware, as far as this test is concerned.

    Microsoft, and this website, can do better. I don’t expect it from the former, of course; but I do from the latter.

    But, again… that’s just me… my $.02 worth, which my ex-wife will happily attest tends to be ALL it’s worth. For whatever that’s worth. [grin]

    Gregg L. DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. i got 100% :)….its good practice to check downloaded applications and files in virustotal….

  3. 100% also. I received a phone call last week from a Security Tech at Microsoft. He claimed that the Federal Government sent them a list of computers that had been infected over the past week
    and he wanted permission to “fix” mine. I may have hurt his feelings as he hung when I started laughing.

  4. 9/10. I didn’t recognize one of MS products. I don’t use their antimalware products.

  5. I hate it when I want to participate in something and hit a brick wall when asked to log into facebook. I deactivated my facebook account long ago. I don’t like facebook or any of that social media junk. It should be enough that I am logged into the website that made the offering in the first place. Bring back the good ‘ol days when all you n!eded was a valid email address.

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