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RansomNoteCleaner removes Ransomware Notes & residual junk left behind

RansomNoteCleaner is a free tool that removes Ransomware Notes & other residual junk after the malware has been removed from your Windows computer.

It is important to note that RansomNoteCleaner is not a ransomware removal tool. This tool comes into work after you have decrypted your files or removed the ransomware. It will help you delete the ransom notes that may have been saved all over your hard disk as HTML or other files. In short, this tool will help you wind up the clean up operations after you have recovered from a ransomware attack.


Once you have downloaded this portable tool, run it. The tool will first contact the ID Ransomware website that has been developed to help users identify the ransomware that has infected their systems.

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One the data retrieval is completed, you have to click on the Select Ransomware button and select one or more ransomware. It is best to select all Ransomware.

Having done this, click on Search for Ransom Notes button.

The scan will start and take less than a minute to complete.

On completion, if any residual ransom note files are found on your computer, they will be highlighted.

Clicking on Clean will delete these files.

Log files of such files which are deleted will also be saved on your computer in a newly created folder.

If no files are found, the Clean button will remain grayed out.

You can download it from here.