Quick Crypt: Freeware to encrypt and decrypt files

Quick Crypt is a free file encryption software that lets you easily encrypt and decrypt your personal and important files. This free software is very easy to use and it is available in a portable version, so you can carry it around and use it wherever you want.

Freeware to encrypt and decrypt files

To start with, you need to choose the file that you want to encrypt. Once you’ve selected your file then you need to enter the encryption password, Quick Crypt is very strict about that, as it will not accept your password until it is more than 20 characters and includes an uppercase, lowercase, number and a symbol. You can even provide a hint to your password so that if you forgot the password you can remember it by reading the hint.

Quick Crypt

Under the Advanced tab, you can choose the encryption algorithm. In this version only AES algorithm is available and even I am not able to understand the point in providing choice between algorithms if only one algorithm is available.Then you can write the name of the file owner. By default the software will fetch file owner’s name from your username that you’ve registered with Windows.

You can even choose the file expiry period – like you can choose something like 7 days so that the file automatically expires after 7 days and becomes inaccessible. For more security reasons you can encrypt a file with an ID that is unique to the computer you are using and you can even encrypt a file into a distributable ZIP archive. You can even add comments to your encrypted files.

Quick Crypt Advanced

Once you are done with modifying the settings, you can save the same set of settings in the form of profiles so that you don’t need to enter the settings again and again while encrypting similar files.

Once done, you can hit the Encrypt button and the encryption process will start and you will be able to see the encrypted file in the same folder as of the source file. You can even choose to delete the source files after encryption.

The Decryption process is very similar, you simply need to choose the file that you want to be decrypted and then enter the decryption password and that’s all.

Additionally the software includes a secure password generator and a file eraser that complete erases files from your computer. The GUI is simple and straightforward and doesn’t require much configurations. The software comes packed with useful features and strong algorithm to protect your files and is a must-have portable utility.

Quick Crypt free download

Quick Crypt is an all in one file encryption software. Click here to download Quick Crypt.

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