Q4Search: Feature-rich Search and Translation software for Windows

Q4Search is a feature-rich and reliable search and translation software for Windows, best known for its accuracy and speed. It provides a rich suite of customization settings, easy navigation mode and an excellent browsing speed. The user-interface of Q4Search is very simple and flexible allowing you to make it look the way you like it.

q4search search and translation tool

Q4Search features

Shortcuts: Q4Search has shortcuts to the most common search interests like music, torrents, videos, games and book. All these categories are further categorized into the relevant websites. For example, if you want to search for some music, you can get the results from websites like Amazon, 4Shared, Music2, MP3va, MP3Juices, EMusic and 8 tracks. The Personal tab has the shortcut keys to various search engines and you can get the relevant search results from your selected search engines instantly.
Q4Search music

Quick and better search results: With this intuitive program you can now get instant search results and that too without even opening the web browser. Just install Q4Search on your system, select the text on any document platform and press Ctrl + Q on your keyboard – and the program will come up with the search results depending upon your preferences.

Multilingual Translations: The program is specially designed and developed with a multilingual translation tool which helps users getting the instant translation of any web page with a single click. Simply select any text and press Ctrl + Q and get the instant translations. Furthermore, the software supports all documents formats.


Basically the software helps you speed up your internet searches and browsing by providing shortcuts to some most commonly used websites. Customization of categories allows you to get rapid search results.

If you are one of the people who work around texts, this piece of software is for you. Download it here and get a faster, better and smarter searching experience! The software currently works only on Windows 7, Windows 8 and the higher.

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