Put your Twitter followers’ profile photos on your Twitter background

Twitter apps are always in development. Here is one I came across recently. Twilk is a small application that allows you to add your followers image on your background !

Twilk takes your Twitter followers’ profile photos and puts them on your Twitter background. You can choose between people you follow and/or your followers. The best part is that the more you interact with someone, the more prominently they are positioned!

And if you are worried whether it will look good or not; don’t ! It just looks awesome!

Once you visit the website, hit the ” Get Started ” button.

3) You will now be redirected to Twitter. Login with your credentials.

4) Next,  Allow” access to Twilk.

5) You will again be re-directed back to Twilk now. Choose your settings and you should be done now!

Now Twilk will show you the preview of your background, make the changes you want.

If you’d like check it out, visit Twilk !

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