PsykoTube, a great way to browse YouTube videos

PsykoTube is a cool website that offers you an alternative way to browse YouTube videos. Its interface is completely different as compared to YouTube. The website has got only one search box and as you start typing, relevant search results start appearing instantly.

You can also watch multiple videos at the same time, however if you click on some video, then you will have to watch it in HD, as there is no option of decreasing the resolution.

When you search for some video, multiple results appear and if you hover your mouse pointer on some video, then that respective video will get played and the surrounding videos also.


  • A very user friendly website.
  • Lets you quickly search YouTube videos.
  • Much faster and more effective than YouTube’s native search.
  • Can play more than one video at a time. Videos appear as small thumbnails.

Want to check it out? Head over to

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