RollBack Rx XP: Secure and Protect Windows XP indefinitely

Windows XP users are looking for ways to secure their Windows XP installation as Microsoft has already ended support for this old, but popular operating system. There are several risks of staying with Windows XP now.  One way you can secure and protect your Windows XP installation in perpetuity would be to roll back or restore it back to a good point, every time you restart your computer. RollBack Rx XP Edition is a new freeware for Windows XP that lets you do just that.

Today, the size of the information that we store on our computers is too large. In fact, ‘large’ is an understatement. All this information is crucial and if anything goes wrong with the system, chances are that we might lose all this vital information in no time. The best way to protect ourselves against such disasters, it is advisable that we take frequent backups of all our important data. RollBack Rx XP gives you a better option. Rollback, in literal terms, means an operation that returns the database to a defined previous state. With the help of Rollback Rx XP, you can take backup of your data on Windows XP. For this, the app takes snapshots of your system and it restores your computer to any previous state as mentioned by you.

Rollback Rx XP Edition

Rollback Rx XP Edition

Rollback Rx XP Edition is an efficient data storage system. This is a newly released data backup storage software developed for Windows XP. When downloaded, the software takes snapshots of your system. Using these snapshots you can restore your system to a previous state in an error-free manner. This is an excellent way to save your data in case of disaster.

The installation process of Rollback Rx XP takes a considerable amount of time. And it may ask you to restart your system. However, once it is installed, Rollback Rx XP is an easy to use software as it has user-friendly interface. It has a left sidebar which consists of a list of common tasks, advanced tasks and a control panel.

The most common tasks are inclusive of following tasks:

  1. Take Snapshot
  2. Rollback system
  3. Recover files
  4. Snapshot history

The Advanced tasks include:

  1. System Security
  2. Snapshot defragmenter
  3. Baseline Manager

Using the control panel you can manage Rollback Rx XP as per your wish. It consists of following controls:

  1. Access Control
  2. Scheduled tasks
  3. Program settings
  4. Event logs
  5. Product activation

Features of Rollback Rx XP

Rollback Rx XP is a feature-rich software. In case of errors or system breakdown due to viruses, you can reverse your system to a previous time within seconds using Rollback XP. You can go back few minutes, hours, days, weeks or months back, as per your requirement. When you are making these changes, Rollback Rx XP does not affect your computer’s performance as it makes use of minimum system resources.

With the help of Rollback Rx XP, you can take up to 10 snapshots. Rollback Rx XP takes complete system snapshots without the need to restart the system. You can even reverse to any system crash within seconds, even if Windows can’t startup.

Rollback Rx XP works with Virtual Machines and VMware. It serves as a host or within the virtual machine as a client. It also locks the snapshots takes in order to avoid automated deletions. You can always explore, browse and retrieve files and folders from any snapshot.  You just have to drag and drop the snapshot files into your active system.

Though the name is ‘Rollback Rx’ you can also roll forward to any available system snapshot.

Using this tool, the user can test any software as the software can be ‘uninstalled’ at any moment, simply by rolling back. You can also take the snapshots manually as per your wish. You can fix a schedule to take the snapshots. Once set, Rollback Rx XP takes the snapshots automatically.


Rollback Rx XP is easy to use and takes snapshots automatically. It’s an effective software that lets you revert the changes and save your data. It has only one drawback that you need to leave Rollback Rx XP running the background to do its job – but its worth it, especially, should your Windows XP computer get compromised by malware, you can roll it back to a clean state.

Give Rollback Rx XP a try if you are a Windows XP user and let us know your take on this! Go get it here.

Windows XP has reached end-of-support and it actually does not make sense continuing with it, but the fact still remains that many are still using this outdated operating system. This post is meant for them.

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