Promote your older blog posts: Increase blog traffic & reduce bounce rate

It is very likely that your old good posts may get no visitors after some time, you may have written some good articles in the past but now no one is reading them and the reason is simple your visitors don’t dig into your website to see your old post for sure…so what can you do to keep your visitor stay long on your website?

Well, I suggest you to follow the below listed methods that will surely help and you will see results in few weeks, if you have followed my previous article SEO Tips to get better Search Engine Ranking and Page Rank than you may remember my one point that “in SEO nothing changes overnight” you have to wait and work hard and you will see results ultimately. So don’t lose hope, try the below listed methods and it will let your old post come out of their coffins. 😛

Advanced Random Post Plugin: What better way could you find, better than showing your older posts with the new one. This plugin will show your older posts randomly at your homepage with your latest page. So every reader who visits your blog will ultimately have a look on them. TA DA!!! Objective Complete!!!!

With ARP you can decide how many posts to show at what position and with what title.

Random Posts Plugin: Showing one random older post is not good enough, if the randomly generated older post was not of user interest than user may ignore it, in that case we can use another WordPress plugin which will display a number of random posts at any position you may like after the post, in RSS feeds or in sidebar as a widget. Showing 8-10 random posts will definitely drag the user attention to it.

Apart from it the post plugins, Similar Posts, Recent Posts, Random Posts, Popular Posts, and Recent Comments will also serve the same purpose. All of these can be downloaded here.

Tweet old posts: Well that’s a good idea to tweet/retweet your old posts, this brings your followers attention to your old post but if you have 300+ articles than it may not be possible for you to tweet all those posts daily. This plugin which will do the same task automatically to get more web traffic. You can define intervals between tweets, category and url shortener to it. Now hows that – Impressed!? 😛

This method will work for only those bloggers who have good number of followers with them, same can be done for Facebook & other social bookmarking and voting sites.

Interlinking: As I said in my previous post interlinking is of utmost importance for a blog, beside helping crawlers it also help your navigate through your website. You can interlinks your old post with your new posts and vice-versa This will serve two purpose first it will guarantee 90% that your reader will go through it and second it is good for Search Engine Optimization.

By following these methods will guarantee a decrease bounce rate and an increase in time on site visitor stay!

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