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The Windows Club

Print Files using GreenCloud, a Virtual Driver for Printers

GreenCloud is a PDF Creator, Ink saver driver and a Word to PDF converter for Windows.  It serves as a virtual driver for every printer. It’s an eco-friendly printer driver to save time and money on your routine printing jobs. On an average, you can easily save up to 60% of paper, toner, and ink without compromising quality. It creates green PDF files. You can preview the printing options in the same Word software, a browser or any PDF reader. When you use GreenCloud Printer as a default printer, you can experience consistency with your printer, as well as hosting service functions which involve sharing a document wherever and at any time.

GreenCloud for Windows

With GreenCloud’s one-click preview option, you will not waste paper due to inclusion of a blank page by default, or one-line text page which is basically the header of your page. Particularly, when you want print web pages, where maximum paper, and ink wastage takes place, simply preview, and confirm the pages you actually require to print. You can also essentially merge several pages when you can do your job by only drafting or reading it.

GreenCloud Printer, being a virtual driver optimizes any current physical printer.

After installation, it can preview the pages prior to printing, designed for:

What is the issue with existing printing dialog?

Each application and software offers a unique user experience and a different interface. In fact, basically it’s the driver of each printer that performs differently. They present advanced options, but most users do not make use of them due to too much hassle (clicking) involved in order to access them.

People and offices using Word, can remove the installed PDF converter, because you can directly convert a document file to PDF instantly from the print menu, free of cost.

You are rewarded for each of your efforts !

To make working GreenCloud printer exciting, they have employed badges. These badges are rewarded to you each time you save paper/trees, or ink by making use of any of the tools provided in the application. A green printer driver works greatly as an economical alternative to toner saver source. The pro version can show the exact consumption of paper, ink and expenditure per day, week or the entire month.

GreenCloud Printer is great for both Windows 7 and Windows 8. It also works well with Windows Vista and Windows XP. You’ll feel happy about downloading an application that’s killing costs, is eco-friendly, and for becoming a part of green tribe for a sustainable future.

Do give GreenCloud virtual driver printer a try and share your feedback. Visit its home page to download it.