Sleep Preventer: Prevent your computer from switching to Sleep, Hibernate, Standby mode


  1. I would like to know what are the reasons why we prevent our laptop/PC to sleep or hibernate mode?
    because if we are doing something, watching movies, downloading in our PC, it wont go to sleep or hibernate.
    Im curious about this kind of apps to prevent it.
    for me i really dont know why we prevent sleep or hibernate.
    microsoft add those features for good reasons 😉

  2. When WE can determine how it works, that’s one thing. But, in my case, our corp IT has set all the computers to sleep after 20 minutes of non-use for “security” reasons. That can be very inconvenient. For example, when 4 or 5 people share a computer for logging data, if it goes to sleep, the “owner” has to wake it up again. Or, if I’m going back and forth, I don’t want to have to wake my computer up every time I need to use it.

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