Make PowerPoint Slides Time Management easy with PowerPoint Timeline Control

Old methods of demonstrating presentations (blackboards, white boards) have been replaced by the new-era’s presentation software, the latest and the best of them being Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office Suite and a commercial presentation program that consists of a number of individual pages (slides) that runs on Windows OS.


PowerPoint Timeline Control is a small PowerPoint add-in and a freeware that allows you to control the time slide by slide for the presentation even when it is paused or stopped, rendering presentations much easier to use.

The program is developed in NET Framework 4.0 with C#, VISTO and when installed, can be viewed as a separate tab allowing you to control the timing for presentation.



  1. Microsoft PowerPoint2010
  2. Microsoft NET Framework 4.0

Salient Features:

  • Displays a time bar at top or bottom of the presentation screen
  • Capable of accessing and maintaining the link to the last 5 presentations
  • Can setup up to set up 5 time alerts with custom messages, synchronizes the slides
  • Configures the color bar and text timeline
  • Suggests a title slide

Features and Options

PowerPoint Timeline Control sits in your taskbar and lets you access all the settings easily. At present it supports only two languages, English and Portuguese.

Download: PowerPoint Timeline Control.

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