Power Kit: Windows freeware for scheduling power tasks

Power Kit is a useful app that allow users to schedule tasks on their Windows computer. It is designed to better organize the precious time of users, and to give the power user something new to play around with.

Power Kit for WindowsThe available power tasks are, shutting down the computer, restarting the computer, putting the computer to sleep or in hibernation. The option of scheduling tasks works really well, even if the computer has been left unattended. At the moment, the features are limited, but that doesn’t mean the app is not worth using.

Schedule Power tasks like Sleep, Hibernate, etc.

The installation size is just under 900KB, which means it should download and install quite fast. It did for us, so it should for everyone else.

Whenever the Power Kit app is launched, a small graphical interface will show up in the middle of the computer screen. We like the fact that it is small and not distracting, something that makes us want to use Power Kit on a regular basis. On the left pane, users can set the power task duration in minutes or any other time one wants the computer to hibernate, sleep, restart, or whatever else.

There’s also the option to allow Power Kit to launch on Windows start-up.

How is Power Kit during regular usage:

It’s not bad as it does not take a toll on our test machine. Furthermore, when we create a task, the app never fails to put our computer to sleep or into hibernation. It works every time and that’s great for the power user and everyone else. However, we do wish Power Kit had more going on for it because the features right now are very barebones.

Still, we can understand that since the app is at version 1.0, so there is enough room for the developers to bring more to Power Kit in the future. The developers should bear in mind that Power Kit is not the only one of its kind in the Freeware marketplace, and thus they need to differentiate to keep more people coming back.

We’re sure the developers have this thought in mind, because at the moment, folks are enjoying what Power Kit has to offer, and only more good features can keep them from running off to another app that does something similar.

Power Kit for Windows free download

Folks who would like to get a feel of Power Kit can download it from Xi Software. We should also point out that .NET Framework is required for the app to work.

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