Pokki: Add Start Menu, Web apps, Gadgets to Windows 8 desktop

Well, you can get a lot of desktop gadgets, and you should know the top desktop gadgets for your Windows PC. These are very useful, but what if you can get web apps as gadgets and that too as “taskbar gadgets”? Pokki is a free and great tool which brings awesome gadgets to your Windows desktop.

Pokki for Windows

Once you have installed Pokki, using it you can install gadgets. These gadgets can be accessed throught the taskbar. There are many gadgets to choose from and you download and install them on Pokki. There are many useful gadgets available such as RSS reader, Google Translate, Currency Converter, Gmail, Facebook etc.

You can use Pokki as a social network tool, entertainment tool, business application or a utility. Pokki has a really cool interface, without much GUI components on it. Moreover the gadgets that install on Pokki have an awesome interface too. Most of the gadgets are perfectly designed and are always ready to use, but they mostly work  only if you are connected to internet. After installing Pokki, I found that I rarely needed to open my browser. I was able to carry out most of my Internet tasks via the application itself.

There are social gadgets such as Facebook and Gmail, Utilities as Stopwatch and currency converter, Business gadgets such as MoneyControl and FxRates and so on – these have really added a lot of value to the application. You can perform many tasks after installing the gadgets, which you would have otherwise performed by using your preinstalled applications on Windows 7. The downloading of the gadgets is really fast as they are of very small size; no other file is needed to be downloaded – the gadgets just directly install in Pokki.

If you are a developer, you can even create desktop applications for Pokki also known as Pokkies, all the applications are based on HTML 5.

I would definitely say that this tool is perfect for desktop gadgets and it has really proven to me as useful, entertaining and social. I hope, you too will like the gadgets of Pokki.

Pokki Free Download

Click here to download Pokki for Windows. Pokki also lets you add the start button and start menu to Windows 8.

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    creative idea

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