PokeNurse gives Pokemon Go players option to manage creatures on PC

Pokemon Go is the hottest mobile game out right now. The game is all about going outdoors in hopes to catch all available creatures in a ball. Creatures captured in these balls can then be used to battle other Pokemons or Pokemon trainers.

Whenever a user manages to capture several Pokemons, it becomes difficult to manage them all. This is where a new software known as PokeNurse comes into play. With this program, one doesn’t need a smartphone to manage your little creatures, and everything is also made easier than before.


PokeNurse – Manage Pokemon

From what we have come to understand, folks can use the app to transfer Pokemons from the smartphone or vice-versa. Furthermore, it can also be used to evolve Pokemon, so it should be perfect for those who want to evolve their Pikachu instead of following the misguided ideas of Ash Ketchum.

How to use PokeNurse:

PokeNurse comes in two versions; 32-bit and 64-bit. As expected, you’ll need to download the version that is compatible with your system. The 32-bit version can run on both, but 64-bit can only run on a 64-bit supported computer. The file is also portable, which means, it cam be used on multiple computers.

Once we launched the program, we were brought to a window that required we add our login details. The option is there to log in with our Google account or our Pokemon Trainer Club credentials. After managing to log-in, the software that brings up a list of all Pokemons captured and owned. It shows various details about the creatures, which includes: type, height, weight, defense, attack and CP.

To locate a Pokemon faster, a search bar at the top makes it possible to search for any individual creature. From here we could select a Pokemon and decide whether or not to transfer or evolve it into something more interesting. Furthermore, any Pokemon can be added or removed from the favorite list, so that’s a great addition.

When it comes down to settings, there’s none here, just but then again, outside of doing stuff with Pokemon, PokeNurse doesn’t do much of anything else. That’s fine because playing around with little creatures that live in little balls is what’s most important here.

TIP: You can also play Pokemon Go on Windows computer.

Final Verdict:

PokeNurse is a decent experience, that in a way, brings the Pokemon Go excitement directly to your desktop. It’s the best way right now to manage your creatures.

Download PokeNurse from the official website – and do remember to follow these Pokemon Go safety tips.

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